miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012


Tiene más cosas en las que pensar, más personas a las que proteger y a las que salvar su mundo. Quizás no este para ti todo el tiempo que quisieras, tal vez te olvide por un momento pero jamás te abandonará. "No te rindas" te repetirá, igual no funcione como siempre pero él lo seguirá intentando, no tirará la toalla por ti. 
Entiendes que tiene que irse, pero no quieres que desaparezca aunque ya no exista. 

Sleep don't visit, so I choke on sun and the days blur into one, and the backs of my eyes hum with things I've never done. Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline, like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass. Was never much but we made the most. Welcome home. Ships are launching from my chest, some have names but most do not. If you find one, please let me know what piece I've lost. Heal the scars from off my back. I don't need them anymore.You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars. I've come home. All my nightmares escaped my head. Bar the door, please don't let them in. You were never supposed to leave. Now my head's splitting at the seams and I don't know if I can.
 Here, beneath my lungs, I feel your thumbs press into my skin again.”