domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

"No" es la clave

Llévate todo, que mas da. Coge las maletas, rompe mi corazón y huyen con todo aquello. Era todo tan claro desde el principio, no continuar era lo más normal. Montañas de disco, fotos, y mierdas que nos dijimos y vivimos. Dices que no. Lo último que dijiste fue "No".

"I told u that no matter what u did i'd be by your side
Cause im a ride or die
Whether u fail or fly
Well shit at least u tried.
But when u walked out that door- a piece of me died
I told u i wanted more-but that not what i had in mind
I just want it like before
We were dancin all night
Then they took u away-stole u out of my life
U just need to remember.... 
Will luv u till the end of time
I would wait a milion years
Promise u'll remember that ur mine
Baby can u see through the tears
Luv u more
Than those bitches before"

Blue Jeans - Lana del Rey